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  • Four Effect Falling Film Evaporator
    Four Effect Falling Film Evaporator2016-03-03

    The evaporation equipment are: flow, cross flow, countercurrent evaporation process, according to the different characteristics of the material, adopts different evaporation technology and equipment material. Realization of continuous feeding, continuous discharging, semi automatic management, in the original basis to further optimize the process, greatly reducing the labor force, in order to avoid evaporation process caused by improper operation run material advantages.

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  • Three Effect Continuous Evaporation Crystallizer
    Three Effect Continuous Evaporation Crystallizer2016-03-03

    Applicable to sodium chloride, phenylalanine, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfite, sulfate Meng, sodium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium acid Gan; barium chloride, zinc sulfate, calcium chloride and other materials of evaporation and heat of crystallization.

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  • Two Effect Falling Film Evaporator
    Two Effect Falling Film Evaporator2016-03-03

    Effect of separator is mainly composed of one or two, one or two effect evaporator, condenser, heater and hot pump, steam consumption is low, the evaporation speed, part two by steam jet heat pump to inhalation of an evaporation chamber, makes full use of the heat, evaporation temperature is relatively low.

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  • Single Effect Falling Film Evaporator
    Single Effect Falling Film Evaporator2016-03-03

    In the falling film evaporator, liquid and vapor phase downward and flow, forming membrane.
    For concentrated liquid preheating to the boiling temperature. Uniform liquid film evaporator on the top of the liquid distributing device into the heating tube in the boiling temperature, downward flow and evaporation, downward movement into gravity and flow of steam flow continuously strengthen.

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  • Alcohol Recovery Concentrator
    Alcohol Recovery Concentrator2016-03-03

    Wenzhou Aowei Machinery Co., Ltd. (former named Wenzhou Onway Machinery Co., Ltd) is one of the leading China Alcohol Recovery Concentrator manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap Alcohol Recovery Concentrator from our factory.

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  • How to modernize pharmaceutical equipment management to the new GMP?
    How to modernize pharmaceutical equipment management to the new GMP?2016-10-19

    The new GMP international standards corresponding to the relevant departments of the management of a higher demand, pharmaceutical companies are facing greater opportunities and challenges. GMP provides guidance for pharmaceutical equipment directly involved in pharmaceutical production, such as: equipment design, selection, installation should be consistent with production requirements, easy to clean, disinfect and sterilization, ease of production operation and maintenance, and can prevent Errors and reduce pollution, showing that equipment management and drug production are closely related.

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  • Analysis on the Automatic Control Requirements of the Extraction Process of Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction
    Analysis on the Automatic Control Requirements of the Extraction Process of Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction2016-10-19

    A key process of traditional Chinese medicine production is the extraction of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine extraction equipment to ensure the quality of extraction of drug ingredients, but also to improve the extraction process efficiency and economy, for different Chinese herbal medicines, select and ensure the appropriate extraction process conditions , Strictly and automatically in accordance with the correct extraction process for the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine production and process research is a crucial link.

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  • Brief Analysis of Thermal Reflux Technology
    Brief Analysis of Thermal Reflux Technology2016-10-19

    Thermal Reflux Technology is developed over the past 20 years, new technology, usually used in traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, food, health products and other production areas. Its production methods can be divided into single or multi-tank; atmospheric or decompression, the use of solvents for water or other organic solvents.

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