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Alcohol recovery tower safety precautions

Datetime: 2016-03-03    Visit: 3714

    The the alcohol recovery tower by tower bottom, the tower, condenser, cooler, buffer tank, the high tank six part applies to the dilute alcohol recovery of pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry, the equipment and material contact partsstainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L manufacturing of are used, with good resistance to corrosion, and has energy-saving, environmental protection, reduce production costs, improve efficiency advantages. This device can be 30 degrees to 50 degrees dilute alcohol distillation to 93 degrees to 95 degrees, the residue emissions containing alcohol degrees, to comply with environmental requirements.

    The working principle of the alcohol recovery tower alcohol boiling point lower than the boiling point less than other solution principle, slightly above the alcohol boiling point temperature, will be recovered in a dilute alcohol solution is heated to volatilize after rectifying tower body, precipitated the pure alcohol gas, improvethe alcohol concentration of the solution, to achieve the purpose of the recycling of alcohol. Alcohol recovery tower suitable for pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry dilute alcohol recovery. Also applicable to the distillation of the methanol and other dissolved coal products.

    alcohol recovery tower safety precautions:

    The tower no pressure container, such as distillation autoclave pressure is greater than the need to immediately close the steam valve 0.03MPA, find out the reasons, in order to continue to work.

    The distillation kettle water temperature in the 101-102 degrees, you need to open the relief valve at the end of the distillation kettle, release of liquid waste.

    To pay attention to each valve switch shift, indicate whether the instrument, take strict precautions against water shortage.

    Strict control to adjust the steam pressure and feed amount, distillation kettle maintain 101-102 degrees Celsius.

    The alcohol recovery Tower labor protection:

    Ethanol recovery positions, should pay attention to the operating room, the room temperature is not too high, there should be good ventilation, dehumidification measures.

    The operating area should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment.

    Do not wear nail shoes into the operating room, prohibits Iron collision, non-smoking, the use of open flames.

    Pressurized piping, safety valve and regularly check pressure test, to ensure that the equipment properly.

    Pressure gauge, pressure gauge, vacuum, the thermometer should be in good condition and reliable.

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