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Features of the Evaporation Vessel

Datetime: 2016-03-03    Visit: 3934

    Evaporation Vessel Features:

    1. the inner diameter of the evaporator is φ200mm, and the height of about 100 mm of metal round pots.

    2. Evaporator for metal circular structure, the wall should be smooth, without defects such as burrs or bumps in the blade of the evaporator.

    3. all the parts in contact with the water should be smooth, and complement each other or connecting part welds should be tight, solid, no leakage of water.

    4. Evaporator assembly of parts and components should be correct, not loose, distortion and other effects of defects.

    5. evaporator parts and components deposited protective layer should be solid, uniform, smooth, no delamination, corrosion and other defects.

    6. the evaporator and the mounting frame should be easy to install, and in normal use will not make the evaporator because of wind effects

and disengaged.

    7. Annex: a graduated measuring cup a water reservoir, the mounting frame is a wire mesh cover an (anti-bird drinking water, the user can be chosen).

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