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Scraper film evaporator has the following properties and characteristics

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Scraper film evaporator has the following performance characteristics:

1. the heat transfer coefficient is high, the evaporation capacity 200kg/m2 · hr evaporation strength can be achieved, and high thermal efficiency.

2. material heating time is short, about 5-10 seconds, and the work under vacuum conditions more favorable heat-sensitive materials to maintain a variety of ingredients does not produce any decomposition, to ensure product quality.

3. to adapt to a wide range of changes in viscosity and low viscosity materials can be processed, the material viscosity up to 100,000% mooring (CP).

4. changing the direction of rotation of the blade groove, and the care of the time can be adjusted to the material in the evaporator.

5. Evaporator cylinder wall through the precision boring and polished surface difficult to produce coke, scaling.

6. easy to operate, products indicators regulation, can be controlled for continuous production in confined conditions.

7. equipment, small footprint, simple structure, easy maintenance and easy cleaning.

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