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Seven performance characteristics of the rotary film evaporator

Datetime: 2016-03-03    Visit: 3510

1. a rotary film evaporator to achieve high vacuum conditions of operation due to the minimal resistance of the secondary steam from the evaporation surface to the condenser, so that the evaporation surface of the cylinder wall of the entire evaporator to maintain a high degree of vacuum (up-750mmHg) is almost equal to the vacuum system the degree of vacuum of the outlet. Due to the improvement of the degree of vacuum, and effectively reduces the boiling point of the material being processed.

2. the rotary thin-film evaporator can be used a low-grade steam heating medium steam is commonly used, due to the reduction of the material boiling point, under the same conditions, can use low-grade steam conducive energy COMPREHENSIVE.

3. Applicability, easy to operate

Unique structural design of the rotary film evaporator, the product can handle some conventional evaporator is not easy to deal with high viscosity, containing particles, heat-sensitive, and easy-to-crystalline materials. Rotary film evaporator operating flexibility, and stability of the operating conditions, the workload is small, easy maintenance. GXZ efficient rotation Dimensions and technical parameters of the thin-film evaporator.

4. the overcurrent short time OBJECTS overcurrent time in the evaporator is very short, about 10 seconds. Sliding blade, the end surface of the scraping animal feed deflector groove, the inclination is 45 °, and to change the bevel angle. OBJECTS overcurrent can change OBJECTS blade scraping action was swirling descending away from the evaporator section, shortening overcurrent time; effectively prevent the decomposition of the product during the evaporation process, the polymerization and deterioration.

5. the rotary thin-film evaporator low temperature evaporation due to the evaporation cylinder body can maintain a high degree of vacuum, a boiling point greatly reduced the processed material, and therefore more suitable for low temperature evaporation in the heat-sensitive materials.

6. the high heat transfer coefficients, high boiling point of the evaporation intensity is reduced, increasing the temperature of the heat medium Poor. The form of a turbulent state of the liquid film, reducing the thermal resistance, while inhibitor Branch coke in the wall fouling, but also improve evaporation the stars heat transfer coefficient of the wall of the cylinder, so efficient rotary film evaporator, the overall heat transfer coefficient can be as high 8000KJ / h. m2, high evaporation intensity.

7. the rotary film evaporator minimal pressure loss in the efficient rotary film evaporator, Wu Ke "flow" and "flow" of secondary steam two independent channels. Materials along the evaporation of the inner wall of the cylinder (mandatory filming) falling film under the central space of the secondary steam from the cylinder almost unhindered to leave the evaporator, the pressure loss is minimal.

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