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The distillation process of the Alcohol Recovery Distiller liquid separator

Datetime: 2016-03-03    Visit: 3386

    Under conditions of a high vacuum (<10Pa), after the shortest possible distance in the heating surface is evaporated molecules reaching the condensing surface for condensation, unsaturated resin equipment in order to achieve a liquid - liquid separation of the distillation process. When the distance is less than or equal to the operation of the mean free path of the molecules is evaporated under vacuum and temperature of the heated surface and the condensation surface, the distillation process is also referred to as a molecular distillation. It has distillation high vacuum distillation temperature, heating time is short, the advantages of the degree of separation is a relatively new and not yet widely used in industrial production, separation technology.

    Material from the upper flange cover into the short-path Alcohol Recovery Distiller, the material through the rotor disk allocation continuous and uniform distribution to a vertical cylinder heated surface materials dropped by gravity while rotating scraping film device to force the formation of the heating surfacevery thin turbulent-like liquid film.Molecule is evaporated after a very short distance to reach the internal condenser and condensed, and is discharged through the bottom of the evaporator spouts recombinant parts into the short path distillation of the residue collection tank and is discharged from the side of the outlet.

    Its distillation process is divided into the following steps:

    Materials to form a liquid film on the heating surface

    Evaporation of the molecules in the liquid film on the surface

    Molecule is evaporated from the heating for condensing surface movement

    Was evaporated molecules are condensed in the condensing surface

    The distillate and residue collected emissions

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